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Welcome to Whitburn Academy      

Dear Parent/Carer or Friend of Whitburn Academy


I would like to wish you a warm welcome to our new website.


 Whitburn Academy


We are very proud of our school and hope that by browsing here for just a few minutes you will be able to get a flavour of what Whitburn Academy is all about.


We think we are a caring, friendly and ambitious school – “a listening school”, “a confident school”, with “a can-do attitude” according to Inspectors who visited us in September last year.  


At Whitburn Academy we seek to instil the following core Aims: 


•An Appreciation of Learning 

•Respect and Caring for Self 

•Respect and Caring for Others 

•A Sense of Belonging 

•Social Responsibility 


Details of these Aims can be found in our Prospectus, which has a link within our website. 



Among the wide variety of information on display, you will be able to find links to the Academy’s latest news (updated weekly), our Prospectus, Standards and Quality Report, School Improvement Plan, Course Choices, and our successful 2009 HMIe Report. 


I hope you will enjoy our website and that you will take the time to read about us, and about our vision and aims for the school. Please do not hesitate to email, twitter, or even telephone us. We will always be happy to make time for you, if we can! 


Kind regards 



Ian Adair 

Rector, Whitburn Academy 


Jan, 2011




About our School


Whitburn Academy is a non-denominational secondary school serving the communities of Whitburn, East Whitburn, Longridge, Fauldhouse, Stoneyburn and Greenrigg in West Lothian.


The school was originally built in 1967 and refurbished via PPP between 2001-2003. The school covers the age range 12 to 18 and stages S1 through to S6.



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Whitburn Academy Prospectus

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HMIe Inspection Report

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