Linlithgow Academy

Welcome to Linlithgow Academy

As a pupil, a parent or a visitor to Linlithgow Academy I hope that this prospectus will be both useful and informative. It will endeavour to answer all the questions which are posed by prospective entry to a new school, but it is never intended to replace the personal contact upon which the co-operation between home and school should be based.

For new pupils the Academy will be an exciting and challenging opportunity - perhaps daunting at first, but despite its size it will soon become friendly and familiar.

If as a school we are successful and effective then our pupils should achieve the highest academic standards of which they are capable. Their personal development will be fulfilled by encouraging self-discipline and independence, and by taking responsibility. Sport, music, drama, leisure activities, educational visits and exchanges all add further towards making the most of a young person's talents.

School experiences and achievements should prepare pupils for the world beyond the Academy - as we try to ease arrival here from primary so we shall try to ease departure; the one by sound primary-secondary liaison, the other by encouraging links with the local community, with the industrial and commercial world and with Further and Higher education. Working with parents and pupils, we hope to meet these aims, while acknowledging all the influences on young people from outwith school.

It is ten years since the school was significantly refurbished and work is currently going on to increase and improve some of our accommodation, while at the same time easing problems of circulation. Efforts are sustained to maintain our facilities and the school is well equipped to move forward in this millennium.

As the pupils simultaneously move forward with us it is hoped that they will fulfil their potential and that a rewarding relationship is established between the school and yourself.

Yours sincerely
R Ferguson