EdMail is the West Lothian email system for staff working in schools. It can be used from any location. If you  have difficulty replying to or composing mail, click here for help.   Glow  is available for use by staff and students from any location. It is ESSENTIAL that you close your browser after using Glow.   The West Lothian Launchpad is the home page on infant, primary and special school computers. Can be used from school or from home.

Support site for teachers with exemplars and advice on making creative use of core teaching tools.   The Education and Cultural Services Website includes policies, publications. news. Only accessible from schools.   The West Lothian Glow Community provides access to the 'Sharing our Learning' and 'Staff CPD' blogs as well as linking to National and West Lothian Glow Groups.

The L&T Development Team Website contains information and advice focussed on educational issues in West Lothian.   The West Lothian Online website provides news and information about services and issues in West Lothian.   The West Lothian Council Internal Information Service provides a wide range of information for employees. Only accessible from inside the WLC Network.